Polyfit piping and Fabrication
"For all your fabrication and piping needs"

Polyfit aim to provide our clients with an integrated customer value proposition, demonstrating our capability for reliability and a commitment to the health and safety of our stakeholders, environmental sustainability and quality systems.

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Poly Piping

Poly pipe welding is the economic, simpler and more durable alternative to steel works in piping systems.

Polyfit Fabrication has identified many benefits with polyethylene products and is equipped to install Polyethylene pipelines from 25mm up to 1200mm anywhere in Australia.

Some of the benefits of Polyethylene products include;
  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistant
  • High Visibility
  • Light Weight
  • Wear Resistant
  • High Ductility
  • Flexibility
  • Coilability
  • Reduced Installation Cost
All Polyfit welders are licensed, with every butt weld being stamped with welder identification numbers in accordance with Australian standards AS4130 (see specifications attached).

Our key marked items include:
  • Dewatering
  • Water Mains
  • Tailings Lines
  • Process Water lines
  • Chemical transfer Lines
  • Underground Services

Polyfit supply pipe and fittings as required and complete pipe spooling and fabrication on-site at our Mandurah workshop.

Polyfit Fabrication specialise in the following popular applications for Poly Piping:

  • Water Transfer
  • Piping
  • Pumping Systems
  • Guards (Guarding)
  • Chutes
  • Tank Welding and Repairs
  • Poly Tank
  • Fabricated Tanks i.e. Fuel Cells
  • Bushes
  • Mounts
  • Launder - overflow catchment of floatation cells and the like

Essentially, Polyfit are able to mould and recreate anything that is made from steel into plastic.

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